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Aeonium tabuliforme f. variegata New

Aeonium tabuliforme f. variegata

Scientific NameAeonium tabuliforme f. variegataAccepted Scientific NameAeonium tabuliforme (Haw.) Webb & Berthel.SynonymsAeonium tabuliforme & 39;Variegata& 39;Scientific ClassificationFamily: CrassulaceaeSubfamily: SedoideaeTribe: SedeaeSubtribe: SedinaeGenus: AeoniumDescriptionAeonium tabuliforme f.

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Rocket: medicinal properties, method of use and benefits Information

Rocket: medicinal properties, method of use and benefits

RUCOLA or RUCCHETTA Eruca sativa (family Apiaceae) GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS The rocket or rocket, whose scientific name is Eruca sativa Mill., Belongs to the Apiaceae family, native to Europe and grows spontaneously a little; everywhere. an annual herbaceous plant, bushy with an erect stem up to 40 cm tall.

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Fig Fruit Stays Green – Reasons Figs Don’t Ripen Collections

Fig Fruit Stays Green – Reasons Figs Don’t Ripen

By: Heather RhoadesA common question that gardeners with fig trees have is, “How long does it take a fig to ripen on the tree?” The answer to this question is not straightforward. Under ideal conditions, figs can ripen in as little as two months, but most figs do not grow in ideal conditions. If your fig fruit is staying green, there are many reasons why your figs are not getting ripe.

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False pepper Interesting

False pepper

Question: False Pepper I have been planting a false pepper for about 5 years, which has grown very well. The only problem is that it makes so many flowers that fall and therefore never grow to become berries. What can this depend on? or what precaution can I take? Thanks for your availability, I am waiting for news.

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Mint Interesting


What is it Mint is an aromatic herbaceous plant native to Europe, Asia and Africa. Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Chinese, in fact, appreciated and knew its beneficial medicinal properties. It is a plant now widespread all over the world, which grows at low altitudes and up to 1800 meters in height.

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